Give for Good: Empowering Our Lincoln Lions Community



Welcome to the Give for Good initiative at Lincoln School! From November to December, we invite our school families and community members to join hands in giving back to our beloved school. Your contributions make a significant difference in enhancing the learning experience for our students and supporting our dedicated teachers.


What is Give for Good?
Give for Good is an annual event organized by the Lincoln PTO. It's a time when our school community comes together to donate items that can benefit our school and teachers. We encourage families to look around their homes for gently used or new items that could be useful in classrooms, school events, or educational activities.


How Can You Contribute?


Donation Items: We welcome donations of various items such as books, educational toys & games, art supplies, and more. These items can directly impact the learning environment for our students.

Hold & Save: If you have items that you think might be useful in the future, consider holding onto them until our Give for Good event. Your thoughtfulness and generosity can go a long way in supporting our school.


Why Participate?


Support Education: Your donations directly contribute to enriching the educational experience of our students by providing necessary resources for classrooms.

Community Bonding:  Give for Good is not just about items; it's about building a sense of community. Working together for a common cause strengthens our bonds and makes our school environment even more welcoming.


How to Get Involved:


1. Collect Items: Gather items that you wish to donate or save for the event.

2. Spread the Word: Encourage fellow parents, friends, and neighbors to participate. The more, the merrier!


Thank You for Your Generosity!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the families and community members who participate in Give for Good. Your generosity and support make a significant impact on the education of our Lincoln Lions. Together, we create a better learning environment for our children, fostering a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.


Thank you for being a part of the Lincoln Lions family and for your continuous support!


Click Here to Give for Good



Click Here to Give for Good