Who it's lead by

The Garden Club is led by Ms. Byrnes along with other amazing parents, teachers, and students within our Lincoln Community. There was participation in planting and gardening by 5th grade and Kindergarten last spring of 2022.  Ms. Decancq and Ms. Clark were the kindergarten teachers who focused on using the garden as a lesson plan with their students. Most gardening by the club is done during recess and occasionally after school by 5th and K.


How it works

The Garden Club is most active in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Students who are mostly in 5th grade will spend the 1st 30 minutes of their lunch hour on Tuesday & Thursday working in the garden. Each student has a job that they are responsible for when they arrived.


Some of the jobs are: weed remover, waterer, photographer, harvester, and plant identifier / researcher. The students had already researched recipes that included plants growing in the garden (last week was basil) and were picking basil and making "pesto bags" for teachers.  


We usually do a garden planning meeting in February, and this year will be our first with Ms. Byrnes-more to come after that.  Most things pick up in the garden in late April.  


Courtyard Updates Fall 2022

After much weeding the courtyard has been cleared of most of weeds that had taken over during the pandemic. Now we’re planting perennials that have been generously donated by Lincoln parents and members of the Oak Park Community from their own gardens. If anyone is dividing plants and had extra to spare, we would be thrilled to have them!  We could use any shade loving plants, as well as ground cover and late summer bloomers such as Coneflowers, Black eyed Susan, and Goldenrod. Please contact Katie Bernhard to arrange pickup at info@ptolincoln.org

On November 1st Ms Byrne and the Lincoln Garden Club, who call themselves “The Butterflies” assisted in planting over 400 bulbs in the courtyard!  We had crocus, Tulips, daffodils, allium, and grape hyacinth. We’re excited to collaborate with the Butterflies and for a colorful spring in the courtyard!


GetTING Involved

If you or your student are interested in getting involved or volunteering with the Garden Club, please email us at info@ptolincoln.org


2022-23 BUDGET

2022-23 Garden Budget Proposal