Lincoln's mission is to be fully committed to being a welcoming and inclusive school community that respects and honors the backgrounds, experiences, similarities, and differences among all our students and their families.  




Diversity is representation of, and respect for, people from different backgrounds and identities—including but not limited to race, culture, religion, socio-economic status, age, geographic area, sexual orientation and gender identification, language, learning style and physical appearance. It also involves bringing different ideas, perspectives, lived experiences, talents, values and worldviews to the table to represent the broad variety of children, caregivers, educators and communities within the school community.




Equity provides fairness in resources, opportunities and outcomes so that all communities get what they need to be engaged and successful. This moves beyond an “equal across the board” approach to:


1. Recognize and address bias and privilege.

2. Understand and attend to specific individual and community needs, providing additional resources to those with greater needs


Our goal is to ensure opportunity and a sense of belonging for all students. Your voice helps us strive towards centering inclusion and equity at Lincoln. 


But we can't do it alone: 


We Believe Collaboration Must Be Inclusive… We can only achieve our mission and vision in full collaboration and partnership with the broadest possible set of volunteers, staff, educators, schools and communities. We foster an association where everyone feels they belong, are integral to achieving our vision and have the opportunity to flourish and contribute at the highest level. That means tending to power dynamics where they occur and setting up a level playing field for all to engage in our work.


Visit out district wide equity and inclusion checklist below:


District 97 Equity and Inclusion Checklist