Welcome Teachers,


We're thrilled to have you here on the PTO page! This year, we've allocated over $20,000 for classroom materials to support your invaluable work with our students.


From $5,800 for gift cards for classroom purchases, $4,500 for Scholastic News, $1,000 for Mystery Science curriculum, and a $8,000 fund for teacher/staff requests, we aim to provide you with the resources you need. If you have specific requirements that go beyond these allocations, please don't hesitate to fill out the request form.


The PTO Materials Fund is designed to provide Lincoln staff members, including specials teachers, TAs and support staff, with additional supplies or equipment to work more effectively with students.




If you're able to send us pictures of the materials you bought with this money, it will encourage our Lincoln family to keep supporting the PTO. Photos can be sent to info@ptolincoln.org.


Thank you for your dedication and hard work. We recognize it, and we're here to support you!


Best Regards,
The PTO Team